Resources: Future Planning

The following resources and organisations are designed to protect the rights of people with a mental illness and plan for when they become unwell and lose capacity to make their own decisions.

Mental Health Advocacy Service

Legal advice and assistance regarding mental health law.
02 9745 4277

Law Access NSW

Legal Telephone Service
1300 888 529

Becoming an involuntary patient

Information about the changes to the external review process (Mental Health Inquiry).

Future Planning documents

Acute Care Plan – a detailed plan for when a person with a mental illness becomes unwell.
Emergency Care Plan - detailed information about the care recipient for when the carer becomes unwell and someone new steps into the caring role.
Enduring Power of Attorney – appointing a financial manager if a person loses mental capacity to make decisions.
Family Agreement – to encourage family cohesiveness.
Ulysses Agreement – a plan for when a parent with a mental illness becomes unwell and cannot provide care for their children.

Health Care Complaints Commission

1800 043 159

Mental Health Act 2007 and mental health forms

Information on the NSW Mental Health Act and other relevant legislations.

NSW Trustee and Guardian Attorney General and Justice

This service offers the full range of services provided by the former Public Trustee NSW and Office of the Protective Commissioner.  Information and support for wills, trusts, Powers of Attorney, and financial and private management for people unable to make financial decisions for themselves.
1300 360 466

Official Visitors Program

This service is Independent from the health system, the OVP aims to safeguard standards of treatment and care, and advocate for the rights and dignity of people being treated under the NSW Mental Health Act 2007.
1800 208 218

Public Guardian

A public guardian is appointed by the NSW Guardianship Tribunal to be the guardian of a person with a disability when no other person is suitable or available to be their guardian.

Who is a Primary Carer?

Fact sheet on the rights of a primary carer.


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